Here I am looking tired and here is the reason why I’m tired.

If I’m home, I’m in this hoodie and yoga pants. No exceptions. Dark circles, tired skin, bloodshot eyes. I had a baby, guys. And the longest she sleeps is five hours. I’ve not had more than five continuous hours of sleep in five months. So I just want to be ultra comfortable. Not in a oh-let-me-pull-out-this-silk-romper-#sexylaugh way, but in a ALL COTTON EVERYTHING way. This hoodie was a gift from my sister, which she found at Aerie. I’m not exaggerating when I say this is like, the perfect hoodie. Light, super soft, tad loose, warm but not warm. It’s like my little blanket. Oh god, it’s the woman equivalent of a baby blanket.

So I know I haven’t posted and I feel bad. I’m like, must… blog… have… no… energy… zzzzzz. I’m not sure how many people reading this have had or have babies, but I look back on some old posts and just laugh. “Hey guys, you totally need a tutu.” Right now I would trade a dinner party and tutu for pajamas, some sushi, and a long nap. OMG that is terrible, right? Have I lost my fashion identity? Moms, please chime in! Non-moms you have my permission to judge me I guess. Don’t get it twisted; I can still work it out if I have a babysitter, some Visine, and a great dress. But let’s just stay in and snuggle with the baby while watching the Beyonce HBO special for the tenth time? I might regret this post.

this post is filled with perfection.

She’s adorable

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    stylish mothers, here’s another one...really admire/cast jealous eyes at.
  2. pinkmoda said: Girlllll it will get better trust me! It’s like that for the first 6-9 months I have a very active 3 year old son. Just at least take one day out of the month for yourself even if its to walk to the park, get a Mani and pedi this will help.
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  4. queenieluvsquetzalcoatl said: Don’t regret this post. Good on you. By the way, you look great, and your lil’ kiddo does, too!
  5. supplechic said: and by the way she is gorgeous!
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    It gets way easier as far as the physical exhaustion is concerned but my daughter is 5 and way past the waking up in the...
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    So so perfect.
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    Omg, this baby is adorably cute! 💓 She’s so beautiful!And: I’m sweatpants, hoodie, snuggeling on the couch with sushi...
  10. hydraecho said: Ahhhh! Cutest, darlingest baby! Congratulations and enjoy your comfort! It’s well earned.
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    She’s adorable
  12. hucklebarn said: Looking tired my foot! Both you and the little one look gorgeous. She is too cute!
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    We moms feel your pain. It gets easier when they start sleeping through the night, and then it gets harder when they...
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